Kristen Parisi

Music City USA ---

Most people hear the word Nashville and think “Country”. Nothing could be further from Kristen as an artist.



A City girl from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she moved to Music City USA after college to become an Artist / Songwriter / Producer. After a few years of Co-Writing and Recording and Performing in Nashville, she signed my first staff writing contract with BIG TENT NASHVILLE. She's very busy every day writing songs with Artist from around the world. She also Produces songs and is the President of THE DARK MATTER LABORATORY. This year, she has produced three EP’s from Independent Americana Artists; Jason Evans from Mumford, KY and Breann Young from Beaumont, TX and Jim Martin from Austin TX.

Working with an Artist to “Find” their voice through writing or helping an Artist “Capture” their sound through production can be a journey for a Producer and Finding and Producing her Sound is something that she developed a passion for along the way.

On any given day here in Nashville,  she might be Writing and Producing a Country, Folk, Rock or Americana song or Artist but her Style and Artistry leans more towards Contemporary Pop /Rock. She leads her own Band here in Nashville and loves working with different writing and production teams and as an Independent Artist, She enjoys the creative freedom of going between genres and trying to create something unique and original for her fans. 


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